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    by Shrestha and Baker

    Tibetan medicine is becoming better known in the Western hemisphere, and this lavishly illustrated volume makes a great contribution to the dissemination of Tibet's medical knowledge. This work features the luminous recreations of traditional medical thanka paintings by the contemporary Nepalese master painter Romi Shrestha. The accompanying text by Ian Baker, who has studies with Hilalayan healers, yogins, and lamas, for fifteen years, unlocks the symbolism of these images for us.

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    by Theodore Burang

    Medicine can be totally different from what we are used to, yet be effective, and Tibetan medicine is both - effective in many spheres and very, very different. Perhaps that is what makes it of wider interest at a time when many sense some lack of completeness in Western culture and seek out the global view. Here, in a broad perspective having general as well as technical significance, the author - who speaks Tibetan and studied with their practitioners - includes chapters on cancer, mental illness, and east-West research.

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    by Philippe Cornu, translated from the French by Hamish Gregor

    ASTROLOGY is one of the traditional arts and sciences of Tibet, where it is known as "the science of calculation," used by monks and lamas in the study of the rhythms and cycles of time, for divinaton, for choosing auspicious times for rituals and life-cycle events such as marriages and funerals, and as an adjunct to the practice of traditional medicine.
    This comprehensive introduction to the topic includes discussions of:
    Historical roots and influences from China and India as well as the Buddhist Kalachakra teachings and the ancient Bon religion of Tibet
    The two main branches of Tibetan astrology: Nagtsi, or "black astrology," based on the Chinese system, and Kartsi, or "white astrology," derived from Indian astrology
    The twelve- and sixty-year cycles and the twelve animals and five elements associated with them
    - The mewa, or magic squares, which are numerological factors used to calculate the auspiciousness of days or years
    The parkha (Chinese: pa-kua), or eight trigrams of the l Ching) representing the elements, directions, seasons, and fundamental universal forces
    - How to analyze the character of hours, days, months, and years, so as to determine auspicious times for various activities
    - How to cast and interpret a Tibetan horoscope
    Also included are numerous diagrams and charts that are indispensable to the practice of Tibetan astrology, including tables for converting Western dates to dates on the Tibetan calendar.

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    by Tibetan Med and Astro Institute

    The small book Tibetan Astronomy and Astrology: A Brief Introduction, was first published in the year 1995 and was found to be useful by many readers; its initial printing has early sold out, making it timely to issue a reprint. However, I felt it necessary to make some important changes, additions, and corrections. Therefore, in this second edition, the author's biographies have been updated, more questions have been added to the Frequently Asked Questions about Tibetan Astro.

    Science section, additional information is provided in the outline of Tibetan Horoscope, and a new Chart of the Years (1014 B.C. - 2046 A.D.) has been included. It is hoped that the Chart of the Years will be of help to Astro. Practitioners, researchers and others in obtaining necessary information, regarding the correspondence between the Tibetan and Gregorian calendars and the Rab-Byung cycle.

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    by Dr. Lobsang Rapgay

    For the first time we are presented with the principles and practical applications of Tibetan medical and Buddhist psychological guidelines that have been used for centuries by spiritual masters and practitioners to approach life in a healthy and balanced manner. The Tibetan approach to life has points in common with Ayurveda from India and Chinese medicine. Its goal of wellness is defined by the following: Freedom from serious psychological and physical disease; adherence to a health plan based on your personality, your body type and needs, and your capacity to fulfill and meet those needs; an understanding of the changing and impermanent nature of life and, within that understanding, the awareness of a purpose in life, acceptance of the stress and change found in relationships, the environment, the seasons and aging process; a sense of moral responsibility and a willingness to learn and grow; and a feeling of positive accomplishment, contentment and application for being human.

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  • THE TIBETAN BOOK OF YOGA: Ancient Buddhist Teachings on the Philosophy and Practice of Yoga THE TIBETAN BOOK OF YOGA: Ancient Buddhist Teachings on the Philosophy and Practice of Yoga
    by Michael Roach

    Yoga came to Tibet from India more than a thousand years ago, and it was quickly absorbed into the culture's rich traditions.
    In this small book readers will discover Tibetan Heart Yoga, which developed over the centuries in the Gelukpa tradition of the Dalai Lamas. The program presented here combines popular yoga exercises with special Tibetan poses and methods of working from the inside to give a healthy and happy heart.

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    by Terry Clifford

    This work was undertaken as a part of a doctoral program in psychology and religious studies. It was begun simply as an inquiry into the Tibetan medical psychiateric tradition, but expanded to cover Buddhism as medicine and Tibetan medicine in general when it became clear that an understanding of Tibetan psychiatry necessarily includes all these aspects.

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    by Tsering Dolma Drungtso

    The instructions given in this book will create a bond with you to know exactly who you are, what you want and to whom you associate. It gives tips on how to choose one's best life partner, business partner and tells secrets of knowing other's personalities as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that, astrology cannot reveal all the information about someone.

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    by Thomas Dunkenberger

    This book will inform you about the essential correlations and approaches taken by the Tibetan science of healing. It is an introduction to one of the oldest healing systems: Tibetan natural medicine and is comprehensive and easy to understand
    It describes the entire spectrum of application possibilities for those who want to study Tibetan medicine and use it for treatment purposes. At the same time, it provides information about holistic remedies so that interested readers can take action to restore their own inner harmony and health.

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  • TIBETAN HEALING: The Modern Legacy of Medicine Buddha TIBETAN HEALING: The Modern Legacy of Medicine Buddha
    by Peter Fenton

    Peter Fenton traveled to India and Nepal, seeking the few places left where Tibetan refugees still practice Tibetan Medicine in entirety - one of the most powerful healing traditions in the world, perfected over centuries and now in danger of being lost with the dispersal of its people. His passion was to preserve their ancient art and explore its secrets for our own well-being today.
    He hiked with herbalists in Himalayan foothills; toured monasteries, shrines, and healing centers; and interviewed lamas, Tantric healers, and Tibetan doctors.

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